About Me

I specialize in putting people in homes. Homes that they can make memories, have parties, holidays, take tons of pictures, a place where you bring home a baby, grandbaby, a puppy or kittens. If I get to be a part of making that happen, then it was a great day. Don’t you agree? Whatever the size of your dream catcher, it would be my honor to help find your personal retreat… the one that calls you back while you are at away. That is not just a house it is home and there is a huge difference. Sometimes the richness in life is hidden in those special details that make each of us unique.

I am a high energy, fast moving realtor who loves real estate and life. Working in sales has been my life- long adventure you may say. I started with a newspaper route in my very small town in Illinois when I was about eight years old. I have worked in all stages of sales from launching, marketing and selling high tech peripheral in the west coast and gulf coast area to owning my own small business. It was the building of my family home from the ground up and being the contractor that sparked my love for open house and everything real estate, I have an idea what is in the walls. In the past I have worked in the community with some of our men and women in uniform to aid in fire safety programs and I am working to kick off a new program soon. I think my background in elementary education, from the Eastern Illinois University helps in illuminating the terms and processes that go into real estate. Here is some of what I can share with you:

  • I am dedicated full time Realtor
  • Experienced Realtor – Successful realtor for over 7 years
  • Provide education to empower clients – check out my check lists
  • Open unrehearsed discussion about YOUR real estate needs – no scripts
  • No pressure listing…. it has to make sense for YOUR needs
  • Referrals available – inspections, etc.
  • Relocation knowledge – I have personally moved local and state to state
  • I Pick up my Phone
  • I Pick up my Text
  • I Check my email
  • Never too busy to answer your question…I know there can be stress.
  • I show you real estate can be fun
  • I give you options if the time is not right for you to buy or sell
  • I show you how to get ready to buy or sell
  • Licensed in two states
  • I am parent of children and animals and understand there may be showing and moving extra or special requirements.
  • I may not always be your solution and I will tell you