11 Steps Most Buyers Take to Buy Their Home

  1. Have the agent help you establish your purchasing power…this may include getting pre-approved.
  2. Select the best three to five properties to see.
  3. View each property objectively following the “Simple 3-step” approach.
  4. Have your agent present your offer ASAP…time is of the essence.
  5. Handle all counter offered and negotiations with a win/win attitude… BIG picture mentality.
  6. You or your agent need to order title insurance from the company of your choice.
  7. Any inspections or predications that need to be addressed should be done in a timely fashion.
  8. Address snags and problems as part of life. Keep focused on your goals…Big picture.
  9. Do a “walk-thru” prior to closing.
  10. Show up early to closing with all necessary items form your closing checklist.
  11. After closing, keep in touch with your agent. They want to assist you with questions, concerns and problems whenever you have the need!

The above checklist is for informational purposes only & is not a substitute for legal, tax or other professional assistance.