A Proven “3 Step Approach” To Selecting The Right Property

Step 1. Approach The Home Buying Process Objectively…
No perfect House…85% rule
The good ones go quickly
Avoid second guessing syndrome…Commonly referred to as “buyer’s remorse”

Step 2. After Viewing Each Property Ask Yourself
3 Important Questions…
What did I like about the property?
What, if anything, would I want or need to change?
If the price were right, could I see myself owning this property? If yes, at what price?

Step 3. Remember You Have 3 Safety Nets Available To You…
Your judgment as an educated/informed buyer
The customized market analysis prepared by your agent
The option of an appraisal rider

The above checklist is for informational purposes only & is not a substitute for legal, tax or other professional assistance.