Are You A Ready, Willing And Able Buyer? 7 Critical Issues To Consider

1. Motivation
…why are you considering a move?  Are your reasons compelling enough to cause you to be realistic and pit it with the realities of moving?
2. Authority
…is the decision to move yours alone?
3. Finances
…are you financially qualified to make the move at this time?
4. Compromise
…are you willing to make some compromises along the way?
5. Competitive
…are you willing to be competitive with other motivated and qualified buyers that may want to purchase the same home that you do?
6. Availability
…are you available to find and secure the best property?
Will you be able to preview & screen properties when they first become available?
7. Commitment
…are you committed to reaching your goals in a specific time frame?

The above checklist is for informational purposes only & is not a substitute for legal, tax or other professional assistance.