22 Low Cost Spruce Ups

  1. Trim Brush around Doors and Windows
  2. Purchase new door mats
  3. New flowers or greenery around porches and doorway.
  4. Clean or replace door knobs
  6. Edge grass
  7. Put up toys or other household items
  8. Tools orderly and out of site
  9. Clean or replace mailbox
  10. Update/upgrade outdoor lighting
  11. Use warm incandescent in some area to make homey and high wattage in other to add size.
  12. Clean home numbers
  13. Clean gutters
  14. Make home smell fresh…it is the first sense the buyer will experience.
  15. Put new throw pillow on sofa.
  16. Add a new easy growing green plant or two inside the home.
  17. Decorate your dining table
  18. If dated heavy window treatments, replace with sheers, makes rooms brighter and seem larger,
  19. Hang new towels
  20. Put away counter appliances
  21. Put away most family photos
  22. If painting, use only one neutral color all through the home

The above checklist is for informational purpose only and is not a substitute for legal, tax or other professional assistance.