Seller Moving Tips

  1. Forward mail two to four week in advance
  2. Notify all bank, credit card, magazines, etc of your address change
  3. Make a list of friends and associates to update your address
  4. Contract utilities for connect and disconnect orders
  5. Check and double check insurance coverage for moving of your household goods.
  6. Cancel deliveries to home..newpaper , etc.
  7. Clean and prepare appliance for move
  8. Note weight of your items being moved…make sure no excessive padding as to add to the shipping cost.
  9. For condo and buildings with elevator, check any restriction on moving.
  10. Mark and have with you if possible an “must have “ box with essentials…toilets paper, soap, shampoo, trash bags, hammer, screwdriver, pencils, paper, toothpaste , cups, plates, etc. A survival kit.

Plus if you are moving out of town or state:

  1. Get copies of medical and dental records and prescriptions for your family and your pets.
  2. Get copies of children’s school records for transfer.
  3. Ask friends for introductions to anyone they know in your new neighborhood.
  4. Consider special car needs for pets when traveling
  5. Let a friend or a relative know your route
  6. Carry traveler’s checks or an ATM card for ready cash until you can open a bank account.
  7. Empty your safety deposit box.
  8. Put plants in boxes with holes for circulation.

The above checklist is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for legal, tax or other professional assistance.